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2023 Ferrari Corso Pilota

11 January 2023

In 1993 Ferrari established a driving school offering its customers structured teaching and levels of instruction which perfectly match participants’ experience and wide range of needs.

The two basic principles of Corso Pilota are its state-of-the-art learning technologies and its highly qualified instructors: video and data acquisition systems enhance teaching activities as at the end of each session instructors analyse the collected data with the participants to accurately monitor development.

All instructors have previously been professional drivers and possess excellent communication skills and a good command of the English language. The school aims to give participants the tools to best appreciate the technical aspects of Ferrari cars in their natural habitat: the racetrack. Indeed, the cars used in the courses are the sportiest ones in the range: Ferrari 296 GTB, Ferrari SF90 Stradale and Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO.


How the courses are structured


Corso Pilota Ferrari masterfully combines lifestyle and racing elements to offer participants very diverse experiences in terms of difficulty and intensity. Starting from the 2023 season, three levels of course will become available: Corso Pilota Sport, Corso Pilota Evoluzione+ and Corso Pilota Race which run sequentially in line with the foundational requirements of each course. For clients wishing to maximize their potential, Ferrari as set up Corso Pilota Personal Coaching, a program characterized by its one-to-one-coach relationship.

All courses are made up of classroom-based sessions featuring state-of-the-art technological aids, ands-on activities on the track and time dedicated to subsequent video and telemetry data analysis. Furthermore, for each course, Ferrari staff have also organized engaging activities aimed at entertaining those accompanying the course participants: the experience should thus prove just as memorable for clients as for those not actively taking part in track activities.


2023 Calendar :



SPORT – Le Castellet, France

(11.000 € + VAT)


25-26 April


SPORT – Fiorano

(11.000 € + VAT)


9-10 May

13-14 June

4-5 July

27-28 July

12-13 September

26-27 September

23-24 October

7-8 November

14-15 November

21-22 November

30-1 November/December



(20.000 € + VAT)


27-28 April – Le Castellet, France

23-24 May – Misano, Italy

6-7 June – Roma, Italy

10-11 July, Misano, Italy

19-20 September, Misano, Italy

17-18 October, Rome, Italy



(25.500 € + VAT)


29-30 April - Le Castellet, France

19-20 July - Varano, Italy

3-4 October- Varano, Italy



(16.000 € + TVA)


16 May – Fiorano

27 June – Varano

15 July - Fiorano

5 September – Varano

9 October – Varano

27 November – Fiorano


Guest fee : 2.500 € + TVA (except for Corso Pilota Personal Coaching : 1.250 € + VAT)


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